• This is how you can lower your auto insurance premium

    Undoubtedly, auto insurance is brought to avail protection for your car. It saves you from making hefty expenditure in case your car crashes. However this convenience is not available free of cost. Of course, you have to pay car insurance premium for it However, there is something else too you need to have to make your insurance company pay for the losses in case something untoward happens to your car.

    Auto Economictimes 27/10/2015

  • This is how you can lower your auto insurance premium

    The absence of a maturity value is a big deterrent to individuals buying a term plan. This is not surprising as, for many years, India has seen only investment-linked insurance products being sold to insurance buyers. The culture of receiving a maturity benefit from an insurance policy is so deep-rooted that most people find it hard to believe that if you survive a given tenure, your insurance plan would fetch you no return.

    Deccan Chronicle 27/10/2015

  • KNOW you rights as an insurance buyer

    WE often find ourselves asking whether purchasing insurance policies is really that important? What do we stand to lose if we do not buy insurance policy of any kind? By purchasing an insurance cover, one can not only protect one’s family from unforeseen situations financially but can also ensure that the goal of the family is not compromised and life goes.

    Financial Chronicle27/10/2015

  • How to choose the best health insurance policy

    The good news is that awareness about the need for health insurance is on the rise. Most of the respondents to the ICICI Lombard survey said they knew about the need for health insurance. But insurers say some myths need to be shattered first

    The Economic Times27/10/2015

  • Is your cover big enough?

    When Aegon Religare Life Insurance began operations in India in 2008, its marketing campaign focused on the problem of underinsurance in India. In the past seven years, pure protection term plans have become more popular but a large number of Indians are still afflicted by KILB (Kum Insurance Lene ki Bimaari).


  • Get the right health insurance

    A good percentage of millennials are aware about the benefits of good health and adequate medical cover, but a large percentage still looks at health insurance as a tax saving instrument. A recent ICICI Lombard survey of 1,400 young people in the age group of 25-35 years had 75% of the respondents saying that they had health insurance. But 46% of the buyers said that the tax deduction on health insurance premium was what made them buy the health cover.

    The Economic Times 26/10/2015

  • Best health insurance policies for you

    How do you buy a health insurance plan? If you just settle with the plan your agent sells or are happy knowing you have bought the cheapest plan, there is a bit of unlearning and a lot of learning in store for you. A health insurance policy packs in several features and caveats. To give you a ready comparison, we designed Mint Mediclaim Ratings (MMR), which was developed by SecureNow Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. The full ratings along with the methodology can be seen here: .

    Live mint 26/10/2015

  • Insurance is still considered an expense rather than a necessity

    First and foremost, people need to be aware of the significance of insurance products. Unfortunately in India, insurance is still considered as an expense rather than a necessity to secure financial stability. But an adequate insurance cover can protect you from a financial loss caused by a crisis situation.

    The Hindu26/10/2015

  • Bene?ts of Pension Products Bundled with Insurance to Consumers

    With only LIC and few other life insurance companies active currently in the pension segment there is a huge potential for life insurance companies to the pension fund management and ultimately will have to transfer the corpus to a life insurance company to provide annuities. xpand in this segment. Even PFRDA is regulating only

    The New Indian Express 25/10/2015

  • WHY health insurance is indispensable

    WHILE a health insurance cover helps for sure, the cost of health insurance itself is not static; it continues to rise with the general inflation and the age of the insured. The rising cost of medicines and treatments ha also resulted in increased insurance premiums. In the times of high inflation, saving is equivalent to earning, but the good news is that you can save on the health insurance cost while ensuring optimal health cover for yourself and family.

    Financial Chronicle22/10/2015

  • INSURANCE & PENSION: Unclear Tax Rules Will Destroy Your Returns

    Tax is a clincher in any financial investment. Knowing the net returns you will get is critical, as taxation can eat into your gross returns in a big way. When you buy tax-free bonds, the rules are easy to know. Your interest is tax free. When you invest in bank fixed deposits (FDs), you know that the interest income is subject to tax as per your tax slab.

    Money Life 23/10/2015

  • Insurance Trends

    A new survey highlights that en-policyholders are more comfortable buying insurance from banks after understanding product features and benefits in detail, as they believe they are receiving preferential treatment in services and continued security of their money. It says they consider life insurance to be a key instrument primarily to accumulate savings for taking care of future needs, like a child's marriage, higher education, etc.

    Money Life 23/10/2015

  • Insurance: health over life

    One of the joys of being a senior citizen is that your working days are behind you. This also means having working children and financial assets that make buying a life insurance policy unnecessary. However, what you need to consider seriously is a health insurance policy. Hospital bills are exorbitant, so having health insurance helps.


  • Insurance that you may want to avoid to cut costs

    Insurance, they say, is an inexpensive way of buying peace of mind. Sometimes, people with resources may go an extra mile and pay insurance companies to get cover for things they consider dear to them. So, people may buy insurance for their body parts, pets, ant farms, and what not. However, for the common man, the question that often arises is whether you are buying the right insurance product and not wasting money on unnecessary insurance covers.

    Money Control 17/10/2015

  • Studying abroad? Opt for Indian insurer

    So, you are all set to apply for a course of your choice at a university abroad. Among the prerequisites for getting admission in an overseas university is an insurance policy that covers you during the entire period of study.

    The Hindu Business Line 17/10/2015

  • Education is a marker of household and societal well-being

    Comparing education levels with the penetration of high-value consumer goods provides some clues to material well-being of households. At an all-India level, the penetration of cars stands at 7% compared to 31% for motorcycles.

    The Financial Express16/10/2015

  • Think twice before claiming your car insurance

    MAKING a claim every time your car gets hit may not be the most practical thing to do. Once you make a claim, you lose the no-claim bonus (NCB), which results in higher premium in the next cycle. On the contrary, if you don’t make a claim for five years in a row, you are eligible to almost 50% discount on premium. So, ideally, you should not forgo the NCB benefit for a minor scratch or dent.

    The Financial Express 16/10/2015

  • Liability insurance takes shape via tailor-made products

    Liability insurance is now increasingly getting sold via tailor-made products made not only looking at corporate needs but also sector needs. Both insurers and brokers say that even for similar needs, different sectors would have different products.

    Business Standard 14/10/2015

  • Tardy complaint handling and service hurts insurers

    The criticism faced by the industry is severe because of mis-selling, poor complaint handling of claims and tardy servicing. Much has been said about mis-selling, so I'll let that be. Poor complaint handling causes considerable reputation damage. There is just no efficient way for buyers to address their insurance complaints. The general process is to write to the insurer a few times, then go to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai), and finally the ombudsman. Each step has its own limitations.


  • Most insurers offer several sub-plans under travel insurance

    The amount of coverage in a travel insurance is decided by you. Most insurers offer several sub-plans under travel insurance. You can choose any of these. These options differ in terms of the sub-limits of the extensions. A typical travel insurance will have 8-12 extensions. Travel insurance excludes costs incurred due to pre-existing diseases.

    Live mint 02/09/2015

  • Three strategies for earning a regular income from insurance money

    You may have insured yourself for a large sum, but will your family be able to deploy it optimally? Life insurers have introduced term plans that give staggered payments, but the returns they offer are very low. Here are three strategies for earning a regular income from the insurance money. Find out which of these suits your family best.

    The Economic Times 01/09/2015

  • Read the policy carefully

    An email communication provides a record. As a consequence of the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act, 2015 and the regulations of the regulator, many terms and conditions appearing in new policies are likely to be different from those appearing in the older policies. Hence read and understand fully and act. Those 15 days are very important.

    The Hindu Business Line 31/08/2015

  • Is whole life insurance worthwhile?

    Have you been saying ‘no’ to a term life insurance policy because you fear surviving the term and not getting any benefit? Endowment plans, which come with an option of whole life cover that extends till the age of 100, are an option. Many insurance players, including HDFC Life, SBI Life, Max Life and LIC, offer such policies. For those not convinced of a pure risk cover, here’s a brief on whole life plans.

    The Hindu Business Line 31/08/2015

  • Who Should You Buy Health Cover from?

    Some life insurers also sell health insurance policies, both indemnity and fixed benefit covers, the latter being more commonly offered. What should you opt for? Most health covers from life insurers are defined benefit plans, where a prefixed sum (as a lump sum or on a daily basis, depending on the product) is handed over to the policyholder once a claim is made.

    The Economic Times 31/08/2015

  • Do you need a high value health cover?

    A health insurance floater policy of `5 lakh was considered adequate till recently. However, rising healthcare costs are pushing individuals to opt for higher covers. Cashing in on the trend, some companies are now offering `50 lakh, and even `1 crore covers. Apart from hospitalisation costs, these high-value policies offer higher maternity, baby care, post-treatment, OPD and day-care procedure covers, insure organ donation and fund alternative treatment. They do not apply sub-limits on room rent. Some policies also cover treatment abroad and allow reinstatement of sum insured.

    The Economic Times31/08/2015

  • Should you buy bundled insurance products?

    Bundling insurance policies broadly happens as product bundling or price bundling. In other words, it means that you are buying more than one insurance cover from a single company or getting discounted premium by choosing multiple products. Also known as the multiline policy, these kinds of products have become common in the recent years.

    Money Control29/08/2015

  • Term insurance after 50?

    Life insurance bought by an Individual Is not for himself, but it is for his dependents. It is primarily a means of income replacement, where-in the loss of income of the policy holder is made good by the insur-ance amount on his death. For this reason, it generally makes sense to purchase a life insurance policy when one is in his thirties.

    Deccan Chronicle 30/08/2015

  • E-insurance might be made mandatory for all policy holders

    The Life Insurance Corporation of India, the country’s largest insurer, recently decided to issue digitised policies, after resisting the move for years. However, it is likely to do it via an internal system and not by tying up with external insurance repositories, which help policy holders buy and keep policies in electronic form.

    Business Standard30/08/2015

  • Don’t buy a health plan for maternity cover

    S Prakash, executive director, Star Health and Allied, says maternity benefit plans are also introduced because of high demand from customers. Many people are not comfortable with the idea of paying for insurance without getting back anything tangible.Maternity plans help to sell the policy to a customer who might otherwise remain uninsured.

    Business Standard31/08/2015

  • 5 things to know before buying a life insurance policy

    Like every novice investor, Sahil was also of the view that to save for tax benefit he needs to buy insurance policy. But since he did not know which policy will suit his requirement, he believed what his banker told him and bought two policies – one a general unit-linked insurance plan (ULIP) and other a pension plan. When he received the policy documents after few days, he thought he should verify the policy details and understand a bit more about it. He called up his dad who referred him to his friend, who is a financial planner.

    Business Standard28/08/2015

  • Will IRDAI’s advertisements norms reduce insurance mis-selling?

    The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has issued fresh norms on insurance advertisements to protect the interests of the insuring public, enhance their level of confidence on the nature of sales material used and encourage fair business practices. As it is very difficult for the public to understand and evaluate the intricacies involved in the various insurance products, it is of paramount importance that the publicity material is relevant, fair and transparent enabling informed decision making about whether or not to buy a specific insurance product

    Money Life 27/08/2015

  • Buying a car? Keep these in mind while buying an insurance

    If you are customising your car, make sure that the changes made to the car do not nullify the insurance. Minimum cosmetic changes should be fine. However, modification of engine or mechanical setup usually do not come under the standard cover. Also, there is a limit to the value of customisation that can be insured under any policy. Do check with the agent on any such limits before giving your car that facelift.

    The Economic Times 25/08/2015

  • Joint life, twin benefits?

    Spouse covers are not novel. LIC and Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance have had such products in their baskets in the past. However, the flurry of joint life cover launches warrants an evaluation of their utility value. Do they really come with any extra benefits? Can the proposition be suitable for all couples?

    The Economic Times 24/08/2015

  • HEALTH insurance for alternative treatment

    Some of the insurers, which offer health coverage for Ayush treatment, include Star Health Insurance, Apollo Munich, Bajaj Allianz and HDFC ERGO. There is no standalone health insurance policy for Ayush at present. While some companies cover the alternative treatments in their group insurance on request, other insurers offer the coverage under basic health insurance policy.

    Financial Chronicle 24/08/2015

  • Health & the city: Should you go for a zonal cover?

    IF you think your age, gender, health condition and sum in-sured are the only factors that de-terrnine the costof your health in-surance policy, think again. The city that you reside in also plays an important role in deciding your health insurance cover

    The Financial Express21/08/2015

  • Buy and manage your policy online

    THE insurance industry is getting digitally savvy giving policyholders the comfort of buying and managing their policy from the comforts of their homes. According to a study for India by BCG’s Center for Customer Insight, one in two urban Indian Internet users acknowledges ‘digital influence’ in their overall purchase basket.

    Mail Today21/08/2015

  • Paytm Working on Plan to Insure Bus Passengers

    The next time you miss a bus, there could at least be some consolation. You could get the money back. Paytm, the mobile wallet and ecommerce company, is working on a plan to introduce insurance cover for bus passengers against a range of risks, such as accidents, missed travel, cancellation of ticket and loss of baggage.

    The Economic Times 20/08/2015

  • Applying for life insurance plans online: Things to remember

    Buying a life insurance is the first step towards protecting yourself and the ones you care about. If you want to buy an online life insurance, then you can apply for it through online portals of insurance companies. As a person seeking life insurance, you will be entitled to answer a lot of questions; hence you need to be prepared to answer these queries honestly, as the approval of your application will depends on these answers.

    Myiris 20/08/2015

  • It’s Only for ‘Life’ but Ready for a Demat Insurance?

    Insurers and repositories will soon be promoting e-insurance accounts to you as the insurance regulator is keen to switch to this new tool. To start with, only life insurance policies can be held as an e-insurance account. You can buy a new policy directly through the e-insurance route or convert an old policy into this form. Remember, it’s not the same as buying an online policy. “Buying a policy online is like buying a television from an e-tailer.The policy is issued in the physical form and onlythat version is a valid document,” says S.V. Ramanan, CEO, CAMS Insurance Repository.

    The Economic Times19/08/2015

  • Car insurance: Does it make sense to file small claims?

    When Amit Sharma's new car met with an accident recently, he was unhappy but comforted by the fact that he had taken comprehensive car insurance and could get the insurer to pay for the repairs. However, a discussion with his friend put him in a dilemma.

    The Economic Times 19/08/2015

  • Income protection during illness is need of the day

    Data from other countries reveals that: A person is 50 times more likely to lose his house through illness as he is through fire, and three times more likely to suffer a loss of income from an illness as from an accident. The chances of suffering an illness, which is financially damaging, is 30 per cent during a working lifetime. And yet, India has no illness income protection insurance and little accident protection

    My Digital FC19/08/2015

  • Insurance: In correct lane

    Insurers offer a lot of add-on covers that provide policyholders many benefits and have become an integral part of a comprehensive car insurance package. Motor insurance constitutes of own damage and third-party insurances.

    The Financial Express 18/08/2015

  • When should one opt for disease-specific medical insurance covers?

    Hence, you have Apollo Munich offering niche plans like Dengue Care, Energy to cover diabetes and hypertension and Maxima to insure outpatient treatment. Star Health and Allied Insurance has been offering niche plans for heart related disease (Cardiac Care) and diabetes (Diabetes Safe) for some time.

    The Economic Times18/08/2015

  • Should you go for a dengue insurance cover?

    A serious bout of dengue entails a hospital stay of three to five days. Though insurers say the claim size is between Rs 30,000 and Rs 40,000, treatment at a private hospital can cost Rs 65,000 to Rs 70,000. "We have settled claims up to Rs 1 lakh," says Somesh Chandra, COO, Max Bupa Health Insurance.

    The Economic Times18/08/2015

  • Why travel insurance is a must

    Among all documents associated with overseas travel, insurance is viewed as the most unnecessary.

    The Hindu Business Line17/08/2015

  • Traditional insurance to lose sheen

    Consumers may soon make a shift from traditional insurance products, which typically give low returns, to high return insurance products such as Ulips, says a top official of online insurance comparison portal. “These (traditional policies) are faulty schemes. With increasing awareness, life insurance products like term insurance(pure protection plan), critical illness, personal accident and low-cost Ulips would gain ground,” claimed Yashish Dahiya, the founder CEO of online insurance comparison portal Policybazaar.

    The Asian Age17/08/2015

  • Best Health Plans For You

    How do you buy a health insurance plan? If you just settle with the plan your agent sells or are happy knowing you have bought the cheapest plan, there is a bit of unlearning and a lot of learning in store for you. A health insurance policy packs in several features and caveats. To give you a ready comparison, we designed Mint Mediclaim Ratings (MMR), which was developed by SecureNow Insurance Broker Pvt Ltd,


  • Should you insure your mobile or laptop?

    When Mumbai-based Gautam Raiker purchased a new mobile phone in April, he also purchased insurance with it. The insurance was from New India Assurance Company, the largest general insurance company. The cost of the phone was Rs 12,000 and the premium for the insurance was Rs 1,500 for a year. Since the insurance was sold by the store from where he purchased the phone, documentation was easy. Besides, it was not very expensive.

    Business Standard17/08/2015

  • Case Study

    Health Insurance: The family is covered for ~5 lakh through employer. Additionally, Pratibha’s mother is covered for ~3 lakh through a senior citizen’s plan

    Business Standard17/08/2015

  • Don’t get lured by discounted offers on car insurance; Here's why you need to be cautious

    Misselling happens when you buy a policy via an insurance agent. "If you negotiate hard with an agent, he may lower the value of your car, hence lower your insured declared value (IDV)," says Deepak Yohannan of Say your car is valued at Rs 7 lakh and you are asked to pay a premium of Rs 22,000.

    The Economic Times14/08/2015

  • Smart Tips for Car Loan & Insurance

    Insurance can be tricky for buyers and sellers, if they are not aware of how it works and the pitfalls to avoid. This is especially true for used cars. Think of all the issues that crop up immediately. Is the seller willing to transfer the insurance to the buyer or does he want to cancel the existing insurance? Can the seller utilise the no-claim bonus (NCB) for another car, in future?

    Money Life13/08/2015

  • WHICH health insurance product do you need?

    OWING to the increased cases of lifestyle diseases, health insurance is becoming a necessity for the people and consumers are now becoming more aware and value conscious as compared to a few years back.

    Financial Chronicle11/08/2015

  • Term Insurance is the best kind of insurance

    Life insurance is a necessity – make no mistake about this. However, it is not an investment. It is the only means of providing security to your family against your untimely death or to yourself during your old age. Therefore, the yield on investment per se, to that extent is of lesser importance. The ‘cover’ or ‘protection’ overrides all other considerations. However, note that it is a necessity, if and only if, the demise of the bread winner of the family will put immense financial pressure on the family members left behind.

    Free Press Journal11/08/2015

  • Only rule of buying health insurance is adequate cover: Antony Jacob, Apollo Munich Health Insurance

    When buying a health insurance policy for the first time, we advise people not to choose the lowest-priced policy, as it is not always the best in terms of coverage, inclusions and benefits. Customers should compare health insurance policies by the extent of coverage benefits each one provides. Factors like sublimits, co-payment, claim related limits, exclusions, hospital network and claim track record should form the basis of comparison.

    The Economic Times11/08/2015

  • Add critical illness policies to your insurance portfolio

    With lifestyle illnesses, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, becoming more common and advances in medical technology ensuring patients survive such ailments, critical illness (CI) covers are the third essential risk protection, after term life and health insurance.

    Business Standard10/08/2015

  • The People's Choice remained low premium insurance policy

    Rising inflation in the country and the common man upset but escalating costs for security and savings to insurance policy is also necessary in such attitude of the public in the country now seems to be far from large to process premium options now much lower premium policy options are preferred. This survey has revealed. According to the survey, the average premium of 20.47 per cent per year as compared to Rs 20 122 to Rs 16004 per capita has remained.


  • Only rule of buying health insurance is adequate cover

    Single-disease covers offer comprehensive coverage for that particular disease and serve as an add-on cover to regular health insurance policies. If you have dengue, your health insurance policy will only cover expenses for inpatient treatment. But Dengue Care also reimburses your outpatient bills. It also has a low premium of `444. As customers seek specialised products, I foresee a trend of specialised products in health insurance continuing for a long time to come.

    The Economic Times10/08/2015

  • Loopholes in maternity plans

    Insurance companies say that maternity is not an illness, and expect you to plan for it. Well, that’s the underlying philosophy behind the waiting period clause which is typically stretched to between two and six years for such policies. For instance, maternity expenses incurred before and after child birth procedures are covered under Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Individual Premium after a period of six years. Max Bupa’s Heartbeat Gold, on the other hand, extends maternity beneRs.ts after two years’ waiting period.

    The Hindu Business Line10/08/2015

  • Financial tips for single moms

    The first thing that a newly-single mother should do is assess where she stands financially. She may have received a large sum, either as compensation after divorce or the death benefit of her husband’s life insurance policy.

    The Times of India10/08/2015

  • Why you should be the nominee in husband’s life insurance policy

    When Suman Chopra’s husband died of a heart attack in 2013, the world turned upside down for this Delhibased teacher. Even as she coped with the emotional trauma, she was hit with another shock. Her mother-in-law staked claim on a `32-lakh life insurance policy taken by her husband in which she was a joint nominee with Suman.

    The Times of India10/08/2015

  • Govt gift scheme has limited benefits

    While the idea is good, operational issues like who will pay the insurance claims and what happens in case of death of the insured need to be ironed out, he adds. The insurance is useful in the event of something untoward happens to the insured. Otherwise, the returns on the FD are negligible, since the interest is used to pay the premium, points out Sen

    Business Standard06/08/2015

  • Why you should consider a cancer insurance policy

    For instance, if the life assured is diagnosed as suffering from a cancer of defined severity, a percentage of the policy sum assured, subject to applicable limits, is paid in lump sum. Usually, for the purpose of paying the cancer benefit, the disease is divided into different stages of severity. The insurance payout depends on the stage of the cancer and claims previously admitted under the policy. Some policies also offer free regular cancer check-ups during the entire duration of the policy term.

    The Economic Times06/08/2015

  • Take individual home insurance even if living in an apartment

    Second, you still need to buy insurance for household contents such as furniture, appliances, jewellery, and art. Also, if the structure and content are insured with two different insurers, then at the time of claim, you would need to work with both of them. Third, under individual home insurance, you have the option to insure the house at local circle rates instead of just the cost of reconstruction.


  • Commonest mental illnesses outside insurance cover in India

    In its definition of health, World Health Organisation (WHO) includes physical, mental as well as social well being. However, when it comes to health insurance, Indian companies don't provide for the most common mental illnesses, despite them affecting around 10% population.

    The Times of India05/08/2015

  • India’s Insurer

    About 75% of major risks in India are under the company’s umbrella of insurance protection. Its range of personal lines of insurance covers agricultural farmers; social sector and rural insurance. What’s more, it is the undisputed leader in the Health Insurance segment in India and a major participant in mass insurance schemes of central as well as state governments The company has not based on its laurels and continues to innovate and come out with market driven products that address all insurance needs.

    Free Press Journal05/08/2015

  • Joint life insurance is cost-effective

    With life insurance companies introducing joint term insurance policies that allow a couple to buy one single policy which is cheaper than two policies, many might feel it is a good idea to purchase one. PNB Metlife Life Insurance launched a term product on Monday. The only other insurer with a similar product is Bajaj Allianz Life (iSecure Term Plan

    Business Standard05/08/2015

  • 4 surprises in health insurance policy

    Health insurance covers the cost of hospitalisation. But do you know what to do for dental treatment or when a dog bites you? Is that too covered under your health insurance policy? It is not just hospitalisation that your health insurance policy covers. There are a lot of other benefits which insurers have started offering keeping in pace with evolving needs.

    Mail Today05/08/2015

  • 5 advantages of insurance going digital

    Digital services offer convenience, choice and comparison. The financial services industry, including insurance, is also making efforts to tap this space. Life insurance, traditionally sold by agents, is available for online purchase, often at lower prices. According to a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), total digital market size for online insurance in financial year 2015 was Rs.1,000 crore.

    Live mint04/08/2015

  • Readers’ Corner

    When investing in unit-linked products (ULIPS), the frequency of the investment is crucial. If your stock market outlook is positive then a single premium investment is better in the rising market. Those who want to hedge against the market volatility, systematic investment in the form of annual premiums may average out the returns in the volatile market.

    Business Standard03/08/2015

  • Not under the insurance umbrella

    Health insurance is a segment that has seen the launch of several niche insurance covers. However, there are still a lot of areas in health and medical illnesses which are excluded from the ambit of insurance. Here are some of the ailments which are currently not covered in India: HIV/AIDS

    Business Standard02/08/2015

  • Insurers now offer covers for Ayush treatments too

    Star Health and Allied Insurance has several policies, which cover Ayush treatments. It has put a cap of 25 per cent of the sum insured for such treatments. But, Star Health has seen utilisation of approximately two per cent. In case of Bajaj Allianz also the claim made for Ayush treatments is just two to three per cent.

    Financial Chronicle03/08/2015

  • Go for a top-up home loan for emergency credit

    Most of the secured loans offer similar rates of interest. “People who have gold and who do not mind pledging it can go for gold loans. The rates range from 14 to 22 per cent depending upon the tenure. Banks offer better rates compared with gold loan non-banking financial companies. However, these are largely short-term loans,” said Sadagopan. Life insurance policies are a better option, as the interest rates are competitive at 10 to 10.5 per cent.

    Financial Chronicle01/08/2015

  • The Car Insurance Companies That Charge More If You're Single

    Of course, insurance prices fluctuate. And while it makes sense to change prices based on driving history, other criteria is questionable. The CFA conducted a study in 10 cities, obtaining rate quotes from major carriers and opting for minimum liability insurance only. They found that, at most major insurance companies, rates are almost always higher for customers who are single, separated, or divorced. Often, widowed drivers are charged more, too.


  • What to look for in opaque insurance plans

    When you buy a life insurance policy, do you ever inquire about the costs involved? In some plans, such as unit-linked insurance plans {Ulips), the costs are explicitly mentioned, and you know the share of costs and investments in your premium. Further, these costs are capped. But with traditional insurance-cum-investment plans, the costs are embedded and you will not know how much the policy costs you. Your agent, bank or insurer will give you an idea of the insurance cover and investment benefits.


  • Staggered plan to help prepare for goals

    Saurabh Ambaselkar is 28 years old and works in the financial services sector, while his wife, Prutha, 25, is employed with an e-commerce startup. Together, the couple brings in a monthly salary of `79,294. Of this, `20,000 is spent in household expenses, while another `20,000 goes as house rent. Besides this, the couple shells out `15,000 as EMI for a `4 lakh education loan, and `1,165 on insurance premium. This leaves them with a surplus of `23,129 a month, which needs to be invested in the right avenues for maximising returns.

    The Economic Times03/08/2015

  • HOW to avoid rejection of insurance claims?

    IF a life insurance claim gets rejected, it defeats the whole purpose of buying insurance in the first place. Here are few common reasons behind claims getting rejected.

    Financial Chronicle31/07/2015

  • Composite capital to help retail, insurance business

    The decision will allow greater flexibility to FIIs in several sectors, including retail, brownfield ventures in pharmaceuticals as well as insurance and pension, where they can invest up to 49% without having to seek government approval. In addition, sectors such as scientific journals, facsimile edition of foreign newspapers, tea plantation and mining & mineral separation of titanium are expected to benefit.

    Money Control31/07/2015

  • Do not ignore these exclusions in health insurance policies

    Make sure you know the terms and conditions of the allowed hospital cost in your health insurance policy. One can pay a higher premium and get enhanced coverage for hospital related expenses including ICU, ambulance charges etc, if it is offered as riders or add-ons.

    Money Control30/07/2015

  • Here's how you can reduce dependence on your insurance agent

    Have you been running from one insurance office to another to submit an address change request? Holding a lapsed insurance policy as your agent failed to remind you of premium payment date? Misplaced your policy document? Has a kin left no information about the insurance covers that he held? The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India's move toward e-insurance has a solution to ease out your worries.


  • How not to fall prey to policy misselling

    IT is often believed that “prevention is better than cure” to lead a healthy life. Such a practice is also true for one’s healthy investment portfolio. The financial services sector in India, especially the life insurance industry, has witnessed fast-paced developments both in terms of delivering better customer service and creating suitable regulatory environment only to benefit as many people as possible.

    Financial Chronicle29/07/2015

  • Several auto insurers charge widow penalty

    Marital status is a legitimate factor in judging a person’s risk, says Loretta Worters, vice-president of communications for the Insurance Information Institute, a non-profit group supported by the insurance industry.

    Financial Chronicle29/07/2015

  • How much health insurance do you need?

    The penetration of health insurance in India is very low. Of the country’s 1.25-billion population, less than a fifth is covered under any kind of health insurance. Even among those covered, the average sum insured is less than ?2 lakh, according to data from the Insurance Information Bureau of India. Given the high cost of medical procedures today and the double-digit inflation in healthcare costs, buying adequate cover is very important.

    The Hindu Business Line 28/07/2015

  • Ailments that your health insurance does not cover

    Health insurance is a segment that has seen launch of several niche insurance covers. However, there are still a lot of areas in health and medical illnesses which are excluded from the ambit of insurance. Here are some of the ailments which are currently not covered in India.

    Business Standard25/07/2015

  • First, check what a policy covers

    Jyoti Ceramic Industries, an exporter, had received an order from Techno Ceramics. in Philadelphia, the US, for supply of ‘zirconium oxide macro-micro grinding media’. The consignment, valued at $53,965, was covered with National Insurance Company under an open marine policy. The insurance covered risks duringtransit from the exporter’s factory at Nashik to anywhere in the world.

    Business Standard 27/07/2015

  • India Goes Digital, So Does its Insurance Industry

    The online insurance industry in India is witnessing a phenomenal level of growth for the past few years. Indians were already aware of the online platform to fulfill their educational and banking needs until sometime ago. When it came to investments, fixed deposits and mutual funds were the most preferred purchases.

    I am wire 26/07/2015

  • Top rated health plans to choose from

    There are broadly two kinds of health insurance policies: indemnity and defined benefit policies. A basic health insurance policy is an indemnity product that pays for your hospitalization. It covers hospitalization expenses, preand posthospitalization expenses and listed daycare procedures. Defined benefit policies pay a stipulated sum on an insured event. For instance, a critical illness policy will pay the sum insured-the defined benefit-if you contract any of the insured critical illnesses, and the plan will then terminate.


  • 5 popular riders in term insurance

    Customisation of products is the mantra to customer endearment today and the financial world is not far behind. Be it life insurance, health insurance, systematic investment plans, any other investment category, or loan products, companies are looking to come up with tailor-made products and solutions to cater to the needs of buyers belonging to different backgrounds.

    The Asian Age27/07/2015

  • A group cover isn’t enough

    Health insurance: In the area of health cover, what an employer would normally do is to take a plain vanilla cover of a blanket group product. While the cost of the policy in such a case would be low, there may not be enough cover for individual needs. There is also no scope for customisation — no cover for critical illness, cost of hospitalisation and treatment – all these usually go much higher than the base coverage.

    The Hindu Business Line27/07/2015

  • Smaller cities, lower medical premiums

    The premium is based on medical costs in the particular city. “Those in Tier-II and Tier-III cities often have lower claim ratio than those in Tier-I cities. To ensure that the former don't end up compensating the latter, some insurance companies offer zone-based pricing,” says Naval Goel, founder and CEO,

    Business Standard23/07/2015

  • Buying student travel insurance in India is more cost-effective

    Insurance companies offer two kinds of top-up covers. One is a group top-up plan, linked to the employer’s group insurance scheme, and the other is an independent top-up plan. The big advantage of the group top-up plan is that benefits of group insurance plan are carried forward. For instance, pre-existing diseases may be covered from day one in a group top-up plan.

    Live mint22/07/2015

  • Life insurance is not for investment, it is for protection

    Selvaraj expired at the age of 40 due to cancer. He was working in the insurance sector. Everybody expected that he will have enough insurance. He was paying a premium of 50,000 for an endowment policy of 10 lakhs. After his death, his wife received 12.10 lakhs as the death benefit. Can his family manage their life with 12 lakhs? How his wife will manage the education of 2 daughters, their marriage and her maintenance?

    Market Express22/07/2015

  • New senior health plan with Rs 1 lakh cover on the cards

    With senior citizens finding it difficult to get a suitable health insurance cover, the government is finalising a new health insurance scheme for those above 60 years, which would provide a cover of Rs 1 lakh annually for secondary and tertiary treatment.

    The Indian Express22/07/2015

  • Buy a smart motor insurance cover, buy peace of mind

    Most of us have imbibed a culture of carelessness towards the possibility of risk of any kind, much less towards traffic accidents. We seem to leave it to the powers above or fate to save us from accidents. However, if you own a vehicle and consider yourself intelligent, there are things you ought to know, starting with taking a smart motor insurance policy. A smart motor insurance policy that is, not just a motor insurance policy.

    Money Control21/07/2015

  • Buy a smart motor insurance cover, buy peace of mind

    Most of us have imbibed a culture of carelessness towards the possibility of risk of any kind, much less towards traffic accidents. We seem to leave it to the powers above or fate to save us from accidents. However, if you own a vehicle and consider yourself intelligent, there are things you ought to know, starting with taking a smart motor insurance policy. A smart motor insurance policy that is, not just a motor insurance policy.

    Money Control21/07/2015

  • Ready for demat insurance? Policyholders can now hold policies in virtual form

    To start with, only life insurance policies can be held as an e-insurance account. You can buy a new policy directly through the e-insurance route or convert an old policy into this form. Remember, it's not the same as buying an online policy. "Buying a policy online is like buying a television from an e-tailer. The policy is issued in the physical form and only that version is a valid document," says S.V. Ramanan, CEO, CAMS Insurance Repository.

    The Economic Times17/07/2015

  • Car Insurance Checklist

    Car insurance is mandatory for every vehicle be it a small hatchback or a luxury saloon car. The most important thing to remember is to keep switching between insurance providers each year in order to receive the best deal in market. Apart from this, following points are a must to be included in your car insurance checklist:

    CAR TRADE16/07/2015

  • CO-PAYMENT clause in general insurance

    Co-payment clause Co-payment is mostly an optional clause inserted by general insurance companies whereby the insurance seeker would bear a pre-fixed percentage of the financial burden in the event of a claim. On average, this is around 10 to 25 per cent the claim amount. The higher the deduction, the lower the premium. In cases involving relatively higher risks, the company stipulates a compulsory co-payment clause.

    Financial Chronicle15/07/2015

  • The utilities of personal accident insurance

    Accidents can even drain an individual’s lifetime savings, leaving families in a difficult situation without resources or help. Hence, securing the family’s future is of utmost priority. A good way to protect yourself and your family is a personal accident insurance (PAI). Personal accident insurance is a low-premium personal accident policy.

    Financial Chronicle15/07/2015

  • It’s harmful to buy insurance for just the tax kick

    Currently, the government permits tax exemptions in certain investments up to Rs.1.5 lakh per annum under section 80C (of the Income-tax Act, 1961). Likewise, the health insurance allowance has been increased to Rs.25,000 (a higher Rs.30,000 in case of senior citizens) for the year. Let’s take a closer look at life insurance. The basic premise of this category is to compensate the family of the insured adequately in case of an unfortunate event like death.

    Live mint15/07/2015

  • 80 pc of Indians have no health insurance

    The government was able to bring only about 12 per cent urban and 13 per cent rural population under health protection coverage through Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojana and similar plans. Only 12 per cent households in urban area had some arrangement of medical insurance from private providers.

    Deccan Herald10/07/2015

  • Cranking the car engine in deep waters? Insurance claim may be declined

    "Check the brakes for thorough functionality as it can be affected if the flood water enters the brake lines, pads or discs. Ensure it is functioning satisfactorily before moving the car further. Check the radiator fan motor for thorough functionality as there is a possibility of its damage due to flood water," states Bharti AXA General Insurance in its insurance advisory.


  • Right insurance plan for art connoisseurs

    Reputed non-life insurers offer protection to Indian connoisseurs of art in form of art insurance policies, which are designed to meet the needs of corporate collectors, individual collectors (from the modest enthusiast and first-time buyers), fine art dealers, museums, antique dealers and art exhibitions. A typical art insurance policy from Indian insurers provides protection to the insured property, including insured property, while in transit within India.

    Financial Chronicle01/07/2015

  • Ulips continue to drive insurers’ business despite stocks slump

    DESPITE the ongoing correction in the stock market in the last several months, insurance buyers continue to buy unit-linked insurance plans (Ulips). Private life insurance companies focussed on Ulips have been able to grow their topline in first two months of the financial year.

    Financial Chronicle01/07/2015

  • Health cover should be equal to 50% of your annual income

    Unlike a motor insurance, accident insurance is a fixed benefit policy. The former is indemnity-based insurance. Indemnity policies have an in-built clause of principle of contribution. This clause implies that in case an insured has two policies, both policies will pay in proportion to their sum assured.


  • One may buy term insurance along with a home loan

    No, it is not compulsory to buy term insurance with every home loan. Several lenders insist on it but it is not compulsory by law. Though it is optional, I would recommend you to consider buying a term insurance when you assume a major liability. In case of a sudden demise, family members could use the amount to settle the liability.

    Live mint MINT24/06/2015

  • Streamlined investing to ensure smooth ride

    However, since he doesn’t have sufficient life insurance, he should buy a term plan of `1.25 crore for 25 years, which will cost him `12,000 per year. As for health insurance, Kumar is currently relying only on the cover provided by his employer. Hence, he should buy a family floater plan worth `10 lakh, which will result in an annual premium of `20,000. He has, however, taken the right decision about purchasing a medical plan for his parents and should continue with it. Kumar should also consider buying a personal accident disability cover of `50 lakh as well as a critical illness plan of the same amount. These will cost him an additional `18,000 a year.

    The Economic Times15/06/2015


    Health is likely to be a significant expense. In case there is no health insurance, the brothers must either include their parents in the family floater or get a senior citizen health insurance policy. It might be slightly expensive, but will definitely be worth it. Else, they must build an emergency fund, to take care of medical needs if the insurance falls short. Supporting parents post-retirement is not just a financial but also an emotional issue and must be handled sensitively. It cannot be ignored as a non-event.

    The Economic Times15/06/2015

  • All you need to know when switching insurers

    Are you ?nding it difficult to cope with medical costs because your health insurance is not comprehensive? Or do you have troubles with your existing insurance company because it delays settling claims? Whatever the reason, if you are unhappy with your insurer, you have the option of moving to another one. Regulations allow portability between health policies offered by non-life insurers.

    The Hindu Business Line15/06/2015

  • Basic principles of financial & investment success

    Medical insurance is a non-compromisable expense especially in a country like ours where the state does not cover medical costs. Everyone, young or old, male or female, salaried or a business person, without exception should get medical cover for themselves. Else, if and when the emergency strikes, apart from health consequences, the repercussions on your finances could be disastrous. Of course, if you are salaried, more often than not the employer arranges for medical insurance.

    The Hindu Business Line15/06/2015

  • Don’t buy health plan for maternity cover

    If you still feel you need health insurance that covers maternity expenses, then it is best that you buy it at an early age. This will take care of the long waiting period, which, for some policies, could extend up to six years. “A plan offering maternity benefit is worth buying at the time of one’s wedding because most couples plan a child only after three or four years,” says V. Jagannathan, CMD of Star Health and Allied Insurance.

    The Times of India15/06/2015

  • Financial tips for late parents

    Starting a family calls for serious planning, but for those who have children in their late 30s or early 40s, the implications are different, especially where finances are concerned. After all, you are taking on major expenses at a time when your earning capacity is peaking and you do not have too many years left for retirement. As older parents with young children, your financial plan will need a rejigging. Here are some smart money moves to secure your child’s future without jeopardising your own needs in your twilight years.

    The Times of India15/06/2015

  • General Insurance:Rakesh Jain

    I have the option of including my parents in my employer's group health insurance but I have to pay 10 per cent of the claim amount. Should I opt for that, since they are already covered under my family floater policy? Group health insurance plans generally provide added advantages such as inclusion of many pre-existing diseases, cost benefit, added covers that might not be available immediately under individual cover.

    Business Standard15/06/2015

  • How to decide how much insurance to buy?

    Life Insurance can also act as an important tool in wealth creation for an individual helping him achieve long and short term financial goals. But have you, however, ever thought how much insurance is actually good enough for you? You may have several insurance policies but are you also adequately insured? It is important to know and understand insurance policies with respect to your finances before you commit to one.

    India Infoline15/06/2015

  • Interest up to ~10,000 exempt from tax on savings account

    The deduction under Section 80D of the Act in respect of the health insurance premium, the payment of which is made by any mode, other than cash in the previous year out of the income chargeable to tax, is allowed as deduction against the total income. The deductible amount has been increased to Rs 25,000 from Rs 15,000 w.e.f.

    The Hindu Business Line15/06/2015

  • Protect your home

    One should be ready to face such financial hardships. Helping here are general insurance companies, which offer householder insurance policies providing coverage against earthquakes, in addition to protecting the building and the contents within one’s home

    The Tribune15/06/2015


    A `2 lakh cover is inadequate. One of the most important aspects of health insurance is to have a continuous cover. Hence, it is advisable that you seek a cover of at least `5 lakh for each parent. Given their good health now, an insurance of `2 lakh may seem more than adequate, but you need to prepare for the future, when an increase in sum insured will attract fresh waiting period. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for a higher cover.

    The Economic Times15/06/2015

  • Treat staff at par with customers

    HR function plays a critical role in an organisation’s development and growth. While it is the responsibility of the management to decide the vision, mission and goals of the organisation, it’s HR that takes lead in bringing together all employees and moving them in the decided direction.(Insurance)

    Financial Chronicle15/06/2015

  • All you need to know when switching insurers

    Are you finding it difficult to cope with medical costs because your health insurance is not comprehensive? Or do you have troubles with your existing insurance company because it delays settling claims?

    The Hindu Business Line14/06/2015

  • Whose health are we insuring?

    The new insurance cum savings product proposed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India attempts to bundle insurance and investment in a ploy to make investors opt for these plans. Contributions towards this plan will be tax exempt and the money saved can be used for medical care post-retirement.

    The Hindu Business Line13/06/2015

  • Why crop insurance in India has come a cropper

    Farmers don’t know about it, or don’t have access to it, or find it too expensive to take it. Insurers don’t push it as they don’t make money on it. Governments have never crafted it to be the focal point of managing risk in the farming sector. As risk-management tools that work on the concept of pooling go, crop insurance is a failure, struggling for identity and ownership in the Indian farming ecosystem.

    Live mint09/06/2015

  • Health Insurance: Holistic health

    Health insurance products may soon see entry age pricing, which means a firsttime entrant would be charged more than a person of similar age who had bought a health cover earlier and has stayed insured. The premium will rise each year, benchmarked to consumer price inflation, and health insurance products of life, non-life and standalone companies will have parity in terms of tenure and pricing.

    The Financial Express09/06/2015

  • Your Money: Does it make sense to buy term insurance after 50?

    First things first, term insurance is not for you but for your family. It is the corpus that your dependents can use after your demise. Now, a pertinent question arises: Do you actually need term insurance after the age of 50 years? Well, mostly no, but there might be a few extreme situations where you have limited choice and buying a term insurance will be worthwhile.

    The Financial Express09/06/2015

  • Cumulative bonus under motor insurance is limited to 50%

    In case of vehicle insurance, the insurers give a no-claim bonus, thus reducing the premium payable amount, provided there are no claims in the preceding year. However, in the case of medical insurance, there is no such incentive for the customers. Why is that?

    Live mint03/06/2015

  • Have You ‘Insured’ Your Portfolio Against a Market Crash?

    Sophisticated investors opt for portfolio insurance. Portfolio insurance is similar to life and general insurance policies that protect us against losses arising from unforeseen circumstances like death, fire, theft and earthquake. The only difference here is that portfolio insurance is a technique, not a policy, aimed at protecting one’s stock market investments from a possible market crash. As is the case of normal insurance, peace of mind comes at a cost.

    The Economic Times03/06/2015

  • Plan investment with tax benefits in mind

    Insurance premium paid for the life coverage of own, spouse or any child is eligible for tax deduction. The policy may be a term plan, endowment or unit-linked. Like PPF, returns from these policies are not taxable and are available with a minimum term of five years. The premium paid for annuity plans are also tax deductible.

    Financial Chronicle26/05/2015

  • How much life insurance cover you should buy?

    Very few people enjoy thinking about the inevitability of death and at the same time most of the people see life insurance as an investment tool. In case of unforeseen death, we need to arrive at the "present value" of cash flow a family needs after death. This can be termed as human life value (HLV), which in simple terms is worth of financial support one offers to their parents, spouse and/or children when they are no more there to support their family with their regular income.

    Money Control26/05/2015

  • How to lower the auto insurance bill

    Unlike the other types of insurance, auto insurance is a mandatory legal requirement and, unfortunately, one that can be pricey too. However, while there is no escape from auto insurance for any vehicle owner, some efforts can at least be made to save on the insurance premium. The good news is that the criteria for premium rating parameters has changed beyond the four parameters prevalent earlier, viz. geographical zone, engine capacity, price, and age of the vehicle.

    The Economic Times26/05/2015

  • How to pick a smart insurance cover for your phone

    Insurance has to be bought at the time of purchasing a mobile device. The premium will depend on the cost of the phone. Insurance companies offer mobile phone insurance via third-party service providers. For instance, New India Assurance has a tie-up with Shotformat, which offer insurance coverage via its brand Biscoot. Iffco Tokio offers insurance via, which also has a tie-up with New India Assurance.

    The Economic Times26/05/2015

  • More than 60% of Chennai's two-wheelers are uninsured

    Anyone driving without a third-party insurance should be treated as a criminal, police officials say. An individual causing an accident without insurance cannot either bear medical expenses or fight a long-drawn court battle which ends up helping the accused rather than the victim.

    The Times of India26/05/2015

  • Liberty Videocon’s ~320-crcapital infusion

    Liberty Videocon General Insurance has received additional capital infusion of ~320 crore from its promoters further strengthening its balance sheet. It is a joint venture between Videocon Industries and Liberty Citystate Holdings Pte, part of the US-headquartered Liberty Mutual Insurance Group.

    Business Standard22/05/2015

  • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance net up 37% in FY15

    Good underwriting profit helped Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company report a 37% rise in net profit at Rs 562 crore in 2014-15, despite settling huge claims arising from the Jammu and Kashmir floods last year. The company recorded an underwriting profit of Rs 83 crore in FY15 as against a loss of Rs 2 crore in FY14. In spite of two major catastrophes in FY15, including Jammu and Kashmir floods and the tropical cyclone Hudhud in eastern parts of the country, Bajaj Allianz continued with its good performance.


  • Bajaj Finserv reports flat consolidated net profit for Q4-FY15

    It was a stable quarter as our profit in life insurance business came down, but it was offset by growth in Bajaj Finance and our general insurance arm," managing director Sanjiv Bajaj said. Bajaj Finserv is the holding company of Bajaj Finance (BFL), Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company (BALIC) and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company (BAGIC).

    DNA / Money Control22/05/2015

  • LIC starts scheme for education & children’s needs

    Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) Zonal Manager (North) T T Kabui has launched LIC’s new Jeevan Tarun plan. Speaking on the occasion, he said that this is a non-linked with-profits, limited premium payment plan specially designed to meet the educational and other needs of growing children.

    MILLENNIUM POST22/05/2015

  • All you need to know about single premium life insurance

    A single premium life insurance policy provides you protection against the axe of taxes. You are given exemption of upto R 1.5 lakhs when you invest in a single premium life insurance policy. Further the sum assured is also tax free in the hands of the receiver. God forbid if something were to happen to you, your beneficiary would receive the money completely tax free. However do bear in mind, that on a single premium life insrance policy you will get the benfit of tax exemption only once, as you are investing in it for a single time only.

    The Economic Times22/05/2015

  • Protect yourself against natural calamities with an appropriate insurance product

    When you buy life insurance and health insurance cover, you tend to think that you have done enough to protect your family against all ills. But have you taken into account natural calamaties or "Acts of God" that are not particularly benign? Probably not. We are talking about natural calamities here. Natural calamity insurance has not received its due in India despite the fact that 58.6% of land in India is prone to earthquake and 8.5% area is vulnerable to cyclone.

    The Economic Times22/05/2015

  • Liberty Videocon to assess risk

    Liberty Videocon General Insurance has announced the launch of its risk engineering practice, a strategic service that assesses internal and external risks for its commercial insurance customers. A Risk Engineering Cell has been specially designed to provide comprehensive services as part of the company’s insurance proposition, Roopam Asthana, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Liberty Videocon General Insurance, said here on Thursday.

    The Hindu Business Line22/05/2015

  • Liberty Videocon mulls participation in PM's social security schemes

    Apart from Liberty Videocon, some private sector life insurers are also chipping in for Pradhan Mantra Jeewan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) which is a one year cover, renewable from year to year, insurance scheme offering life insurance cover for death due to any reason. [1]2 lakh is payable on member’s death due to any reason under the scheme for which one has to pay premium of [1]330 annually.

    The Pioneer22/05/2015