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There is a lot in life that’s uncertain and moreover, on the roads these days, owing to the bad conditions and increasing level of traffic, situations are unpredictable and unmanageable at times. Accidents are significantly on the rise in comparison to the past few years, in particular and one really doesn’t know when the situation gets out of control. A little planning can go a long way as accidents can unsettle your life in a fraction of a second, leaving you and your loved ones in a difficult situation both emotionally and financially.

Despite all the possible precautions, accidents may occur anytime sometimes even resulting in death of the person. Personal Accident Insurance cover gives protection and financial help against such unforeseen events. You may save your medical expenses and get covered against accidental death, serious injury or any disability.

Personal accident insurance is the way to safeguard your financial interests in advance in the stressful situation of an accident causing any serious injury and also, the cover is extended to one’s family as well in case of a fatal accident.

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There are some different types of coverages offered under the accident insurance policy, usually, which include the following:

  • Accidental Death
  • Temporary or Partial Disablement
  • Permanent Disablement
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hospitalization Cash Benefits
  • Corrective Surgery
  • Funeral Expenses

Further, there are two different types of policy cover, i.e.

  • Individual Policy that covers only the one individual insured in case of an accident.
  • Group Policy that is generally meant for a group of individuals, taken by employees together or even family members. They are better off as sit relatively cheaper and may offer more benefits.
  • Secure your family’s financial well-being
  • No medical tests or documentation required at the time of accident
  • Ample coverage provided at much lower amount of premium
  • Simple and instant certified process for claim settlement
  • Expenses for legal cases or funeral costs are covered
  • Customization available as per requirement
  • Double indemnity available for death or any permanent disability/ impairment when met with an accident/ adverse event when in public transport.
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Why Compare Policies?

Given the fact that how accident prone the roads have become today, it is very much a necessity to buy a suitable cover for accident insurance. It not only safeguards one’s economic stance during the uncertain event but also helps to cover for providing the repayment of any remaining loan balance in case of a fatal mishappening.

  • Coverage Details- It is very important to keep in mind the extent to which coverage is provided, what all inclusions are offered by a specific and then, accordingly compare the different plans to make the best pick from amongst all.
  • Claim Settlement Success- Claim settlement is the most critical factor as the entire advantage stands on this one point and it is actually the premium return that one pays the whole duration of the policy. The good repute of a company in this regard must be duly checked and then, taken a decision as the best features wouldn’t mean a thing in the absence of prompt and easy settlement.
  • Customize to Suit Needs- When comparing plans, one should definitely look for for the sort of customization available, whether that goes in sync with one’s needs is important. It can affect the cost as well as provide the ease of service from one policy itself. Customization helps eliminate the unnecessary cost.
  • Deductibles Awareness- Several companies charge enormous amounts when comes to deductibles that are often not laid out beforehand in a clear manner. So, it is best to study the policy cover in detail and consider such minute yet vital aspects well and only then make the calculative comparison for choosing the best one.

Alankit Advantage

  • Easy & Sound Estimations, taking into account the different quoted amounts by multiple insurance companies in the market to facilitate the client with enough feasible options to evaluate and choose from. Alankit has a wide-ranging network, having established strong connections with many renowned names in the sector.
  • Complete Examination of the cover policy by experts, given the high level of exposure in the industry, thorough understanding of the fluctuating patterns of varied companies. So, it delivers a holistic and neutral picture to assist customers in getting the most profitable deal.
  • Specific Guidance, on the basis of the given elaborate facts and figures sought about the customer’s lifestyle, past record, age, working pattern, occupation duration remaining, capacity to pay premium and the extent of cover vital as per these aspects etc.
  • Excellent After-sales service to guarantee the comfort and advantage of the customer even after the sale of the policy to service the client as far as practical while instantly resolving the problems in a skilled way.

Best Accident Insurance Plans

*Give Accident insurance Plans/ Policies Framework from Different Brands in a tabular, comparative form.