Why is Health Insurance a Prerequisite and Not an Alternative?

“The greatest wealth is health.”- Virgil

One’s health is supremely precious and comes second to no material necessity for a good health is the only way that ascertains one actually gets to enjoy their pool of wealth at all. While health is something so treasured and is given utmost importance by one and all, by all needs it deserves to be preserved well. With the growing awareness of the importance of a good health and an even more acute realization of the deteriorating environs we dwell in today, of course, everyone takes due measures to safeguard their physical well-being. And where everything from eating healthy to exercising and breathing fresh, pollution free air is beyond doubt necessary, health insurance is something that is another critical aspect to duly protect a healthy future for one. Despite of taking adequate measures, the possibility of health complications and diseases or injuries pertaining to future, simply cannot be ruled out or even planned for in full measure. Thus, the immense benefits of health insurance in securing the cost of any treatment from an illness or injury etc. through availing an apt policy in advance for an individual must be duly factored in. The insurance company one opts for usually facilitates either a cashless treatment (hospital taking the amount directly from the company) or a reimbursement of the medical expenditure incurred in the process to the insured. This assists a great deal in providing the necessary peace of mind to an individual and also, gives an additional advantage of tax exemption corresponding to the amount of health insurance policy, as per the section 80D. Medical facilities, even the basic ones, are turning out to be quite expensive with the advancing times and thus, even though the cure maybe right in front of the patient, lack of sufficient financial allowance is a major limitation many often face. However, accommodating the altering health demands and costs, there are numerous recognized insurance companies offering some of the best health insurance plans, customized as per the clients’ varied requirements. From individual insurance to parents to complete family health insurance or specific ones like Dengue insurance plans, there are several alternatives available to choose from, depending upon one’s estimate of future needs. However, it is utmost crucial to choose the plan/ amount of policy wisely so as to provide for enough discretion for the ever-increasing costs of healthcare in the country and also covering as maximum as possible for all sorts of medical contingencies that may be bond to occur. Thus, to garner detailed knowledge about the plan provisions, policy terms and conditions, tax implications and a due comparative analysis between the different types of insurance available in the market, is the way to go if you wish to derive maximum profit from the selected plan.