Cashless Medical Insurance: A Boon for all Medical Emergencies!

Considering the growing awareness regarding keeping oneself healthy, fit and medically sound, healthcare has gained utmost prominence and the vitality of having adequate medical insurance cover has come to the front like never before. There are numerous obvious advantages that are enough to encourage one to get medical insurance including a stable financial protection in the future in case of any medical contingency and due coverage of all major side expenses related to hospitalization, ambulance cost, treatment or surgery costs etc., depending on the level of coverage one has opted for. The most important aspect of availing for a suitable policy is that of getting access to cashless medical insurance, wherein, one is not only saved the hassle of having to collect and then reimburse the bills after the treatment but also comes in handy in case of emergencies or when there is a financial crisis.

Cashless mediclaim is one of the swiftest mechanisms introduced to have further revolutionized the face of medical insurance industry in the country. It has come as no less than a boon for many in a developing nation like ours, where the procedures still slack in places and often lives are lost in time-sensitive mishaps. Cashless hospitalization is a valuable service in order to diminish such cases and to ensure relatively tension free handling of the hospital finances, during an already stressed time of having one’s loved one admitted with a severe injury or illness and battling it out.

Cashless medical insurance is valid for almost all different types of insurance covers including individual medical insurance, family cover, and insurance policy for senior citizens or even disease specific covers such as dengue medical insurance. And since almost all the recognized brands in the market offering insurance covers, provide this facility on all the varied plans, it makes it easier for the buyer and an individual does not need to think twice before foregoing of a suitable and profitable plan because of the absence of this significant feature.

The cashless hospitalization works fairly simply with the insurance companies getting tie-ups done with the different hospitals, after conducting due analysis of their rating, quality of treatment and facilities, market goodwill, level of service etc. and accordingly negotiating for rates with them for all the different procedures offered. A bunch of such hospitals that are shortlisted by a particular company, then, become its pre-set network/ panel of hospitals, which the insured can freely visit when requiring any treatment via the cashless system. And thus, the insured(s) do not need to settle any bills directly with the hospital and can get instant admission and treatment easily with the settlement of any medical dues being left to the TPA represented company itself. Such convenient facilities, radical approach and evolving developments in the industry are what can positively enhance the face of medical segment in India.