Awareness Alert: Ensure what all is not included in your Travel Insurance cover

The numerous benefits of buying an adequate travel insurance policy certainly make it to the top position in an individual’s travel check list and there is no denying the fact that one instantly feels financially much more secure about the travel. However, where the vitality of insurance before embarking on a journey has been highlighted so well, time and again, it is seldom that we get to read about what all is actually not included in the insurance cover. And as lack of awareness equals failure, it is certainly advisable for one to gather complete knowledge about what are the specific inclusions as well as exclusions in the travel policy one is planning to take. While there are all kinds of plans available, from the best ones to the relatively cheap travel insurance covers, it is imperative to analyze the features covered. Let’s have a quick look at some of the scenarios, the expenses for whom are generally not covered by most insurance companies.

1. Any previous illness - Any disease that one has acquired before buying the travel insurance, for a certain specific period specified in the policy, is not covered in the policy and the insurance provider will not reimburse any expenses pertaining to this. However, one may buy an add-on deal for the same if required, for an extra cost but if not, then the policy usually doesn’t provide for that accept any sudden illnesses or medical urgencies that occurring while on the travel.

2. Dental Expense - The regular dental check-ups done when on the travel will not be covered by the company but any sudden dental pains or injuries due to any adverse incident during the trip will be considered by the company. Particularly, there can be substantive restrictions when one goes for any cheap travel insurance.

3. Medical expense or loss due to mental illness/ suicide attempts - This is more of the obvious that the insurance provider will not provide for any medical expenses that may be incurred due to self-harm such as suicide attempts or even arising due to an adverse mental conditions such as depression, nervous breakdown or psychiatric disorders like bipolar personality etc.

4. Any travel required for treatment - In case, one needs to travel to another destination for getting a particular treatment, the expense for such a travel is not covered in the policy.

5. Pregnancy & delivery related complications - Any health conditions that maybe incurred during the travel related to pregnancy or delivery like miscarriage or abortion etc. are not provided for by most providers, unless pre-specified in the policy taken.

6. Damage because of Natural Calamities that struck beforehand - Even though, almost all companies cover the sudden natural calamity scenarios but in case, something has already struck the area of travel before you buy the plan like an earthquake or flood/ famine, in that case the company will not have any liability to pay for any expenses arising due to the same.

7. Medical Treatment for injuries due to adventure activities - If one undertakes any adventurous activities like sports that may be dangerous to one, then, that’s usually not covered in the plan and one takes them on their individual risk.

8. Expenses without any proper bill or required documents - One must maintain record of all bills and documents that may be relevant to any claims to be made with the travel insurance company as in the absence of proper billing and documentation to support the claim, the reimbursement of the amount becomes rather difficult or may not come through at all, if not validated.

9. Changes due to weather conditions - In case of cancelling or delaying of the trip due to reports on the bad weather conditions at the destination will not be covered but only if there’s any flight delay or cancellation due to that.

10. Other exclusions given in the policy - Any other limitations as mentioned in the policy in the first place will be considered as exclusions and thus, will not compensated for by the company in any manner. Undoubtedly, these may be more in case of going for a cheap travel insurance plan.