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Car Insurance, the mandatory financial protection cover for your car that is availed to help safeguard the risk of any damage to the vehicle in all unanticipated circumstances, is a policy made compulsory in the country by the Government. Car Insurance covers all the monetary losses pertaining to a road accident, car theft or unknowing damage caused by any third party to the vehicle when stationary and any other consequent liabilities. When it comes to the premium of the car insurance policy, it is not static and can vary from high to low, depending on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle from time to time. Thanks to the existence of a number of renowned insurance companies in the market today, there are several different variants of policies to choose from.

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Benefits of Car Insurance

There are numerous benefits of having an adequate and reasonably cheap car insurance policy with maximum features, to one’s aid in times of need, which include,

  1. Facilitating financial coverage for all damages incurred to the vehicle during an accident.
  2. Providing economic support by all covering the litigations, if any, including any legal expense paid in lieu of the accident.
  3. Provides ample benefits to the ones who are left alive (and injured) in a fatal accident, resulting in the death of one or more.
  4. Even if one doesn’t have the need to claim any amount during the period of the policy taken, there’s a ‘no claim bonus’ provided by most companies at the time of next policy renewal.
  5. Also has the advantage of getting premium discounts, if you happen to own more than one policy with a single insurer or even in case of theft.
  6. The coverage scenarios extend to a great deal of events such as accident, theft, lightening, fire, explosion, riots, self-ignition, strikes or any other natural calamity or even terrorism fallout.

Why Compare Policies?

Just as helpful as the several options available maybe, they also pose a great deal of confusion in the minds of individual as to which one to opt for. Going with any policy without knowing your options appropriately isn’t the way to go for you end up missing out on your ideal plan. Thus, it becomes critical to compare the different online car insurance policies offered by the varied brands today and getting a professionally-done analysis can help a great deal in making a sound decision. Here are a few aspects that indicate how the car insurance comparison assists.

  1. Different Quotes by Different Brands- Despite of having the same vehicle type and vehicle brand in question, it may not be necessary that all insurance companies off same premium amount and same benefits. Thus, it is imperative to compare properly and choose the best one, considering all factors.
  2. Option to Customize- When you get to comparing different policies online, you free to make a customized policy requirement in terms of choosing the type of policy, the IDV value and procuring relevant quotes accordingly.
  3. Discounts and other Add Ons Offered- Comparing the policies online at one go can help you make a comprehensive analysis of what discounts and add ons are being offered by several companies. For instance, if one company is offering lower premium amount but the other having higher premium amount is offering additional facilities that you may otherwise end up paying more for on a later stage, then you can have a clear picture and choose as per the total cost in mind.
  4. Take the Preferred Pick- If you have all the policies with the entire details alongside a comparative study but still can’t decide, then, we help you see the trending policies by displaying the number of policies sold recently for every brand, so you can go with the one that’s the preferred pick by majority of people.
  5. Claim Settlement Process- Claim settlement is a vital part of the insurance policy and each one expects convenience in service and thus, it becomes much easier to know beforehand the claim settlement process and be well acquaint with all the rules and regulations in advance so that a person with complex working hours and less time on hands can opt for a plan with less complicated procedures.

Alankit Advantage

  1. Easy & Updated Comparisons from an array of big-small insurance companies that makes available a huge number of plans and policies to explore, analyze and choose from accordingly. Alankit has a wide of network of associations with almost all notable names in the industry.
  2. Comprehensive Analysis by experienced professionals, only after years of market study, thorough knowledge of the changing terms and conditions of different brands, giving an impartial opinion in helping customers strike the best deal, acquiring maximum benefits at the lowest possible price.
  3. Requirement Specific Guidance, based on the complete understanding about the client’s car type, premium paying capacity and the kind of coverage required based on the extent of vehicle usability and condition of the car etc.
  4. After-sales service to help an individual resolve any concerns/ queries about the policy taken, premium amount etc., even after purchasing the policy. Be it the need for altering something or adding, Alankit is always there to help.

Best Car Insurance Plans

*Give Car insurance Plans/ Policies Framework from Different Brands in a tabular, comparative form.