Health Insurance Plans in India

Health Insurance Plans


Health is something that is utmost precious to every human being as whatever life is about, it becomes simply meaningless in the absence of a good health. In the times of high stress levels, increasing number of diseases, worsening environs and sky-touching healthcare costs, health insurance has become an inevitable must in order to safeguard one’s life security. Health Insurance, especially, comes in handy at the time of medical contingencies, when things turn bad unexpectedly and caught one off guard.

If not making one feel helpless, being without the required financial aid in times of an injury or disease, it definitely wipes one off all the savings, accumulated life long and sends the entire financial plan of life into a bad turmoil. An adequate health insurance online, sought well in time, not only relives one from the financial stress but also goes a long way in getting you and your loved ones the best possible treatment at the right time, which can prove crucial. In lieu of the policy amount and paying the premium amount annually on a regular basis, the insurance company assists one through the cashless hospitalization facility or providing a due reimbursement for the sustained expenses.

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Benefits of Health Insurance

One can’t possibly do without a suitable online health insurance cover in today’s times, particularly in a developing country like India, where the environmental conditions are relatively unstable and the cost of good healthcare is increasing.

  • Cashless Feature - This is the possibly the best part about having a sufficient health cover by a reputed company as it means that in case of any emergency due to a disease, sudden sickness attacks, one can simply walk into a hospital, having tie up with the company, and there’s no need to pay any advance or any amount for the hospital will directly charge the insurance company on your behalf. This financial relief is such an amazing thing to have by your side at an already stressful time so that you don’t need to make multiple calls and make financial arrangements when you should rather be emotionally supporting the patient.
  • Hospitalization (Before & After)- Depending on what kind of policy with what all features one goes for, the health insurance plan usually covers for a considerable amount of hospitalization fee both before and after the hospitalization. It is usually anywhere between 30 to 60 days period, varying for different policy covers and different companies and also, considering the other
  • Ambulance Cost- Ambulance is another vital element, particularly in case of an health emergency and the insurance covers transportation cost of the ambulance as an add-on advantage, that’s again a great support for a hassle free treatment.
  • No Claim Bonus Facility- In case of no medical situation in the interim of one’s policy tenure, with God’s grace, one is entitled to take the No Claim Bonus from the company, which one can usually avail at the time of policy renewal, as per the company norms.
  • Hospital Room Rent Coverage- More often, the hospital room rent cost is also inclusive in the plan, despite of the treatment or any surgery charges and it depends on the extent of the amount insured with the company, and however, it is restricted to the type of room one opts for.

Why Compare Policies?

Even though there are numerous health insurance providers in the market today, offering varied plans, it becomes imperative to make a due comparative analysis so as to be able to get one’s hands on an affordable health insurance, adequately suitable for one’s needs.

  • Specific Offerings- Obviously, you want your plan to cover your medical expenses and any surgical bills but pertaining to contingency cases, it is a must to ensure the plan must offer the cashless hospitalization facility and claim reimbursement.
  • Different Brands with Distinct Aspects- It is critical to compare the alternatives available in the market to ascertain that you get your hands on the plan that’s most suitable for your requirements. Many brands offer different plans, also customized as per the needs and thus, evaluating each becomes important.
  • Discounted Amount- It is also important to take into account if any particular discounts are being offered on one policy for a particular timeframe or feature that may benefit you and help in reducing the overall cost for the policy you opt for.
  • Keep Posted with Market Trend- Sometimes, learning from other’s mistake is a good idea and so, market trend analysis helps to know if a particular policy is going to prove kaput or if another one is proving to be better in case of efficient handling or prompt procedures.
  • Entire Family- It is always advisable to involve all the different benefits pertaining to all family members so as to derive maximum advantage from the cover. For example, one should consider aspects like maternity allowance, senior citizen cover etc.

Alankit Advantage

  • Instant & Latest Comparisons from a series of big-small companies in order to make available a huge number of different plans to discover, evaluate and select from accordingly. Alankit has a wide of network of associations with many recognized names in the industry.
  • Thorough Analysis by expert professionals, based on years of market study, complete knowledge of the altering terms and conditions of all brands, presenting an unbiased opinion to assist customers in striking the best possible deal, availing maximum benefits at the most reasonable price.
  • Specific Guidance, based on the thorough information access about the client’s overall health history, age & lifestyle, premium paying capacity and the kind of coverage needed.
  • After-sales service to help a person in resolving any queries about the insurance policy chosen, the premium amount etc., even after buying the policy. Alankit is always available to help for any addition/change etc.

Best Health Insurance Plans

*Give Health Insurance Plans/ Policies Framework from Different Brands in a tabular, comparative form.