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Travelling may be a personal venture for some or a professional necessity at some point but whatever it may be, it is both enjoyable as well as demanding at the same time. Travel insurance stands as the best and the most convenient way to safeguard one from any unanticipated circumstances that may occur at any point while travelling and cause an unaccounted expense that can imbalance one’s budget and bank balance drastically.

There are a number of varied plans available in the market from cheap travel insurance giving relatively low coverage to some more expensive plans providing a much higher coverage in lieu of the expenses incurred. And now, with the ease of exploring and buying insurance online at just a click, it has become simpler than ever to get your hands on the best travel insurance plans available at the best possible prices from different brands.

What Travel Insurance Covers?

Travel insurance is specific to all things related to travel, covering for all unwarranted expenses related to occurrences such as any delay or cancellation in any of the flight schedules, any loss, theft or other damage to luggage or passport or other important documents as well as several policies also include the medical emergencies occurred during the travel etc.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

If one wishes to make their travel an easy, uncomplicated and tension free affair without the constant worries of additional, unplanned expenses marring your experience, then, having an adequate travel insurance plan at the right time i.e. well in advance, right at the time of getting the trip bookings done in the first place so that maximum benefit and coverage for the entire trip can be availed.

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  • It covers the flight delays, including reimbursements for the meals during the time.
  • Guaranteed prompt assistance in case of loss of passport or other important documents.
  • Emergency medical assistance available at all times instantly.
  • Due care taken of your essential requirements in case of loss of luggage.
  • You are safely provided for in case there is a general mishappening at the place you are visiting.
  • In certain countries, travel insurance is a must so you are covered for.
  • Provides maximum possible cover at the best reasonable cost.
  • Definitely helps in making the trip more cost-efficient and is also not affected by the bankruptcy of the travel company.

Why Compare Policies?

While the multitude of insurance plans available now has significantly increased as compared to the past, it has also become rather important to choose the insurance plan wisely so as to get the maximum benefits at the best possible price.

  • Policy Cover Extent- The extent of policy cover provided for the given amount comes as one of the primary factors to consider. One can explore, analyze and purchase a suitable policy as per the number of required elements covered. Comparing the different policies helps to ascertain the benefits and cost ratio aspect as per the individual needs.
  • Rate of Claim Settlement- Herein, doing due research and analyzing the overall standing of the companies in the market is a must so as to determine their track record for the rate claim settlement; it is necessary to account for their pace as well as amount and ease of settling the claims for clients.
  • Flexibility to Customize- While comparing policies, one must also account for the level of customization available as that can also significantly affect the total cost. Customization helps to avoid the additional cost for components that are covered but aren’t required by the buyer.
  • Awareness of Deductibles- There are many companies who set a particular deductible amount that is to be paid by the traveler in case of an urgency and thus, comparison in policies helps to factor in this amount as well while choosing the cheapest one of the lot.

Alankit Advantage

  • Easy & Well-informed Evaluations, taking into account the quotes by several insurance companies prevailing in the market to provide the customer with a good number of alternatives to assess and select from. Alankit has an extensive of network of connections with most recognized brands in the insurance sector.
  • All-inclusive Examination of the policy features by professionals, based on years of market exposure, complete knowledge of the altering patterns and terms of different companies. Thus, it provides an easy and unbiased view that helps customers to strike the right deal.
  • Specific Direction, based on the detailed information acquired on the client’s travel type, place and duration of travel, the number of dependents, the capacity to pay premium and the level of coverage necessary based on all these factors etc.
  • Hassle-Free after-sales service to ensure the convenience and benefits of the clients post the sale of policy as well as to satisfy the customer to the maximum extent possible, promptly addressing all queries and concerns in a professional manner. Be it the support during or after your travel, Alankit team is always available to assist.

Best Travel Insurance Plans

*Give Travel insurance Plans/ Policies Framework from Different Brands in a tabular, comparative form.