Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

Two Wheeler Insurance


With the heightened level of dangerous road conditions, it has become imperative to safeguard one’s vehicles from the perspective of probable accidents with misplaced static elements or even the collision with other vehicles. More so, for two wheelers, the roads have been become alarmingly unsafe and while protecting oneself is critical, it is equally vital to look after the vehicles as well, being the heavy financial investments of a common middle class man. Two Wheeler insurance policy is the best way to cover for any impending damages that may take place in the future to your two wheeler vehicle due to unlikely events like accidents, any natural calamity, theft or fire etc.

There are a number of alternatives available for the two wheeler insurance online and we can pick out the best one suited to one’s specific requirements. The policy takes care of any liabilities caused from any wounds to one or more people during the incident. Online Bike insurance is the ideal way to provide cover in advance for any probable damages in the future that may occur later and unsettle one’s economic stance abruptly.

There are usually two kinds of coverage available in the market:

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  • Holistic one that encompasses complete cover against all sorts of damages incurred to the vehicle and the riders both
  • The liability-specific policy that provides cover for only the injuries caused due to third-party activity

Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Ample financial coverage for the two-wheeler vehicle against all damages from accident, theft, fire or natural calamities.
  • Easy Transfer available at the time of no claim bonus, in case the policy isn’t utilized at all.
  • Cover for the people riding the vehicle during the incident.
  • Hassle free and instant procedures to help one pick the best deal
  • Quick assistance from the associated partners of the company at the time of incidents
  • Legal assistance is also covered in some plans.

Why Compare Policies?

With plenty of different alternatives to choose from under each head, put on lucrative offers and deals by almost all the leading brands in the market, one is often overwhelmed by the level of choice available and is unable to choose at the first go. Thus, compiling a due comparison, considering all the aspects in detail helps one to make an informed and sound decision.

  • Pick the best Quote- Even with the similar vehicle and brand, it isn’t a given that all insurance names in the industry offer the identical premium and benefits. And so, it is critical to make adequate comparison and pick the right one that comes closest to covering all the required elements and yet remains one of the cheap two wheeler insurance alternatives.
  • Customization is the Key- While comparing varied policies online, it’s equally important to consider the non-financial features as well such as the extent of customization being offered by the brand. It can help significantly to pick and choose and make the plan as exactly as per your future requirements, thus, keeping simpler and much more cost effective.
  • Value-Adds & Discounts- It is also important to keep in mind the different types of discounts being given at the time of policy buying as that can have a huge indirect impact on the total cost of the cover.
  • The Trending Pattern Matters- While comparing the policy features on one’s own is crucial; it can also be a great way to follow where the trending pattern is leading and to go with the majority as that can enhance your chances of going right.
  • Claim Settlement Rate- Claim settlement track record of a company must be factored in while buying the policy so as to have a higher chance at a smooth claim settlement in the future and be much more certain of having one’s money back.

Alankit Advantage

  • Latest & Simplified Assessment from a variety of insurance brands that offers a number of cover plans to discover, review and select from cautiously. Alankit banks upon its wide association network with multiple worthy names in the market.
  • Holistic Examination as per every individual case accomplished by subject masters with professional forte acquired after years of practice, market analysis, ample awareness of the changing policies of different brands, giving an unbiased view in facilitating customers for reaping maximum benefits at the cheapest price.
  • Precise Direction for each requirement, based on the thorough understanding of client’s two wheeler type, premium paying capacity and the sort of coverage needed, based on the level of vehicle usability and the two-wheeler’s condition etc.
  • Easy After-sales service to ensure prompt and easy help to the customers, even after the sale is long done. Alankit doesn’t like to give no to any query by its valuable clients and thus, tries its best to resolve it all to maximum possible.

Best Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

*Give Two Wheeler insurance Plans/ Policies Framework from Different Brands in a tabular, comparative form.