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Accident Insurance
A little extra planning can go a long way as accidents can unsettle your life in a fraction of a second, leaving you and your loved ones in a difficult situation both emotionally and financially. Despite all possible precautions, accidents may occur anytime sometimes even resulting in death of the person. Personal Accident Insurance cover gives protection and financial help against such unforeseen events. You may save your medical expenses and get covered against accidental death, serious injury or any disability.

You have to pay a monthly premium which normally remains the same during the length of the policy. If you meet with an accident or suffer a serious injury before the policy term ends, you will be entitled to a cash benefit. The cover will also ensure that the benefit is extended to your family in case of a fatal accident.

The scope of cover and benefits differ between insurance companies, you may make a comparison and buy the best plan for you. The types of coverage’s that are usually provided under a PA policy include:

  • Accidental Death
  • Temporary or Partial Disablement
  • Permanent Disablement
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hospitalisation Cash Benefits
  • Corrective Surgery
  • Funeral Expenses

You need to buy a policy that would meet your requirement, there might be many exclusions based on situational or occupational risks that are not covered.

Personal Accident Policy can be further divided into:

Individual Policy- The policy would cover only an individual in the event of any accident.

Group Policy- This policy is meant for groups, taken by employers for its employees. These policies are usually available at low cost and may have the benefits like an individual policy.

This portal would help you to prepare yourself for the unexpected situations with the best plan!

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